Hiring a Reliable pet transport

In 2018, there was a dramatic change in airline regulations for pets which resulted in Happy Tails Travel offering long distance ground transportation within the contiguous United States for dogs and cats.  Needless to say, this service is in high demand as the airline restrictions have only grown stricter within the past year.  Such restrictions include factors focusing on pet breeds, pet sizes, and the temperatures at which pets can fly.  Therefore, our By Ground Safe and Sound program seeks to alleviate many issues pet families are facing when needing to transport their fur babies within the United States.

We hire and manage a select team of professional pet drivers based across the country.  Having pet drivers based in various cities ensures timeliness of pick-up and service to most locations.  Before a driver is hired, we conduct a series of interviews, share with them the job requirements and performance standards, and perform background checks.  Our drivers are hired based on upholding high standards and compliance with quality checks.  Our professional drivers receive a driver handbook, are skilled, devoted, and well-trained by members in our office and other drivers. For pet transports, our drivers use their personal SUVs, Mini Vans, or Cargo Vans for transport.  This ensures your pet has enough space to lay down and stretch out; we do not pack our vehicles floor to ceiling with travel crates like many other companies do.

When hiring any service, potential clients are often most interested in pricing.  Many clients seek ground transportation feeling that it is a less expensive alternative to air travel.  Often this is not the case as our ground transport is based on mileage and/or timing and airfare is based on your pet’s weight in their crate.  However, ground transport is more personalized, and your dogs and cats have more freedom along the way.

Our ground transport pricing is all-inclusive.  This means that should you select to work with us, the price you are quoted will include the transport, walks, feeding, administering prescribed medications, overnight hotel stays, and transportation of your pet’s belongings.  Many other companies may appear less expensive as they will only quote for the transport itself and then charge for every additional service.  Our pricing also includes a full-time ground transport coordinator dedicated to coordinating and tracking your pets during their journey.  You will receive updates along the way with where your pets are, how they are doing, and expected times of arrival.

As most of our transports are private, it allows for more customized pick-up and delivery.  Our service is all-inclusive service with no hidden fees.  Many other companies will charge a flat rate for the drive, but add additional fees for walks, feeding, overnight stays, or medication administration.

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